Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christmas in August - Thank you Lyn, Stitchmap and Kerry!!!!

Normally we hear "Christmas in July" but for me, it happened this month - August...In the post office today, I received my "super duper" squishie from Lyn's monthly blog teaser....It's a great contest with unbelievable winnings...Here are 4 pictures just to show you...Thank you Lyn!!

Next, is from a contest we had on the "Stitchmap" yahoo group..It's an awesome group for learning various types of needlework as well as personal assistance...It aides in crazy quilting, cross stitching, tatting, crocheting, knitting, dying, embroidery etc. Almost any kind of needlework you are interested in tackling, someone there is sure to be able to help you.....Anyway, I won a contest on this group and here are my winnings...And if that is not enough for one person to handle on one day, I also received a wonderful Christmas Book from Kerry!!! She did a Christmas in July, and I submitted my name cause anyone who knows me, knows I'm Christmas 365 days a year....And sure enough I ended up with this fantastic Christmas book....

This was an incredible day and one definitely most blessed...I wish to personally thank Lyn from Quilting Lion as well as Lyn, Shari and Moon on Stitchmap for all the stash enhancement...Also, Kerry for the wonderful book displaying assorted Christmas decorating themes...My favorite is the Victorian period and it had some really terrific ideas...
Thank you all!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Once Again!!

What a summer I've had..It's been one thing after another which started out with needing to go to Spokane to help my daughter and son in law...I was gone 3 weeks and honestly I don't mind..Taking care of my grandchildren and visiting with my terrific children makes it the best...Upon my arrival home, I had a few things needing to get accomplished like move into my own little studio - yeah!! This has been wonderful..Although tiny and still needing tweaking, it's been the best...

Last week my husband was laid off and we are unsure of how long this could be..Can you imagine a construction employee being laid off during one of their best months???..However, not this year, construction has been anything but the best...Oh well, another one of life's challenges..

Next, my husband's uncle past away on Sunday morning..We knew he had been struggling for a while now but has had those up and down days...He went into the hospital on Friday morning and we were told he wouldn't make the weekend..Then on Saturday he started feeling better and responded to his care..However, Saturday late night, he took a turn for the worse and my husband's poor aunt had to make the decision to take him off his machine..His brain was no longer with us..She stayed the night, sleeping a little but after talking to his daughter, it was decided to finally make the decision..I'm sorry he's gone, he was such a nice man but I do think he was really tired...

Early in his life he had polio and managed to beat it..Unfortunately, medicine 80+ years ago is now showing effects of some medical issues...He's been fighting and suffering for so long..The first thing out of his mouth to the doctor's was "no tubes"...We spent the afternoon with Lee's aunt..Took a loaf of bread which she seemed to appreciate, however, I think she was just happier to have us around..We hugged and talked about "Uncle Bob" and anything else that came up...

So, my crazy quilting certainly has taken a back burner to life..I would love to do more and in some ways can't wait until the winter is upon us again, so I have no reason to go outside for harvesting of vegetables or herbs, weeding gardens or anything else...

Whewwwww!!!!...But like everyone else, life brings challenges, adventures and many paths..The idea is to walk them all with head up and knowing the sun will shine tomorrow..Well...guess that is a funny statement when most of this month has been spent under clouds and lots of rain..

Happy Tuesday!!

Two Blocks To Share

I've been working on two different rr's...One is the Black and White in Crazy Quilt Interenational...It's a terrific rr!! Everyone kind and patient, which is a good thing since it's taken me too long to complete the block for Ann..However, it is done, although I could do much more but don't have the month to work on it as it needs to be sent...My abilities are sure lacking in comparison from what I've seen already so I sincerely appreciate being allowed to participate....

The second is called "Cobalt Blue Study"...I completed doing Dalette's block and have sent it on but here is a picture....It's been an interesting study in trying think outside the box using the same color, in this case, blue.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have what one could call a very busy Tuesday ahead of me...In my possession I have a total of 5 blocks that need work done to them to complete my part of a couple r/r's...Two Black and Whites (one for July and August), two Blue Block Study (July and August) and a "Honkin" Orange block for a friend who is recovering from surgery..I also want to start my Victorian Christmas stocking and work on a couple of Altoid Tins...It's a beautiful day but one can tell the heat is already on so I'll hide out in my little studio in the nice cool basement and have a grand ole time while others are enduring the heat...

I'm also going to attempt to do some "silkies" today..I have several kind people who have sent me some wonderful "silkies" and I thought I would like to add some to my Christmas Stocking, so I'm going to jump in with both feet today..I have some gorgeous silk that is quite old (about 40 years) that will be perfect..

Also, I discovered I won a "squishie" this week from Lyn...I've been trying to win one of her incredible "squishies" but as a very fortunate and lucky winner I've actually been blessed to win a beautiful CQ pouch and a pin cushion from her, plus a "silkie". This month I did win a "super squishie" from her and so I'm going to bow out from entering any more till the beginning of the year..One can't be greedy and I've been so lucky...Thank you Lyn!!!

Ok, I'm off..To all of you, have a Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Afternoon

I haven't been online much in the last three days, in fact, just about nil..My husband and I are building a house (very slowly) and this weekend, he managed to get me a small studio set up in our "cool" basement..We are still putting sheetrock up but he had managed to finish up most of it including a small room..Ultimately, this room has been established for his music but I think guilt over took as this new home building (piece by piece) is taking so long that he gave me his room until he can actually get me my "perfect" studio..It's not alot of space but it's mine and its heavenly..Up until then, I've been doing it all from the dinning area of our kitchen...Fabric and embellishments tucked in every nook and granny..It's really nice, knowing I don't have to put things away just to eat..Hooray!!

On another blog (Allie's in Stitching) she mentioned a Pesto recipe..As it's harvest time for my Basil, I decided to give it a try it...If anyone has an abundance of "basil" please try this recipe. It is simply delicious..

Ok, so now I'm off to work on some projects...Before I close this little post, I just wanted to wish my grandson a very happy "14th" birthday..He had the nerve to ask me if I felt older..Told him "no" it wasn't me having a birthday as I don't have them any longer Really bummed him out..

Happy Birthday McKade!! Nannie loves you!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CJ - Honkin Orange

Happy Honkin Orange Hump Day!!

I haven't done much in awhile and I realize it was really getting to me...We are working in our basement, trying to get it to a livable condition so I've been unpacking boxes, plus I was waiting to complete some obligations before I started this block, but that hasn't happened as of yet..So, although, this block should have been started 2 months ago (where does the time go), I did it this morning...It's for CJ, also known as Crazy Judith, who has been recuperating from surgery..I've been hesitant as I don't feel real comfortable with my abilities but it's time to try. She adores orange, in fact, the words "honkin orange" come from her...I'm not much of a orange person but if it makes her smile, then it's worth it...It may take me a while and if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to post..Right now all I see is one big sherbet ice cream at me...So, lets begin our journey, day 1 of the "honkin orange sherbet ice cream"...(PS - I am going to add a smudge of purple somewhere on this block )

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Morning

Its a very nice quiet Sunday morning..Last night, we had a few sprinkles come rolling through making this day a bit cooler - thank goodness. I haven't done much in the way of art recently but today is the day I do some CQing..There has been a few issues which has caused a bit of hindrance but I've decided if I want to do something then just go with the flow....

Lyn, is a creative CQer who is going to have a Santa Christmas Stocking exchange. This will be her first private exchange and several of us have signed up looking forward to it. She also has plans of doing them yearly if this one is a success. If you get a chance check out her blog, she is extremely creative. I know, I've been fortunate to receive a few of her gifts and they are absolutely lovely....

I have another friend Ann, who has helped me tremendously through the CQ world. When I first started a few months ago (Jan 09), she was there to hold my hand, direct me into the right place for information and always makes a point of complimenting my work...In fact, she's made me believe I can do it...Check out her blog, her work is fantastic..She's recently done some Altoid Tins through an exchange we were in...They are beautiful!!.

In beginning, my dear friend Nancy is the one who started me quilting...Little did she know I would end up being "crazy" but if it weren't for her, I wouldn't even be where I am at today..Nancy is a sane quilter but her work is incredible. She's a brilliant quilter, never even second guessing whether she can or can't, she just does...I am working on a Triple Irish Chain Quilt, which has over 1700 squares and she's right there, pushing me along...

There are more people in my life, that are instrumental in getting me to a place I love and as time goes on, I plan to mention all of them..But for today, on my quiet little Sunday here is the beginning..Check out their blogs, I guarantee you, it will be worth it...

Now, I'm off to do some "crazy quilting"..Tomorrow, I'll be working on my sane quilting but for this Sunday, I think I need some life with glitz, glamor and interesting work...

Happy Sunday!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is Nancy's block that I worked on for her in a new DYB Black and White r/r....I did several seams like feather, cretan, square feather, open chain, chain, straight stitches. I added the white flowers using beads for the center...I also did a daisy in the middle, again adding some black beads...It's an interesting swap forcing one to push further beyond how one things...I hope she likes it, I know I had fun..
This is a CQ Tin that I did for a Swap...The lace on top came from a "nappie", new but a great find at a Good Will...Then I tried adding buttons, silk ribbon flower and a dragon fly..Karrin is the recipent of this tin and she said she loves these colors as well as Victorian, so I tried to give it that feeling..Inside I put in a vintage hankie and some silk ribbon flowers...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Black and White - It's All That!!

This is a new RR I'm in doing a Black and White Theme...I've indicated I'll keep to those colors adding some silver to it...Perhaps I should have choosen a color to go with it but I couldn't make up my mind so kept it simple..I'm looking forward to seeing what will become of these 6 blocks..

Blue Block Study - COBALT BLUE

This is the Blue Block of Donna's..My Camera didn't want to take the picture for some reason, maybe new batteries are needed...Below is what I did on this block..
"I worked in the lavender block a few chain stitch roses
with bead centers, adding daisy stitched leaves and some stems with beading..My
first seam is half circles with daisy stitch middles and beading..My second
seams was an open chain filled in with another color.."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Card

Gosh, I can't believe I haven't posted in 2 months but it's been that long ...Maybe today is my day to start blogging once more consistently...

I designed, cross stitched and made my mother a "Mother's Day Card"..Its one of my first designed pieces that I am willing to share . Still learning to design, but it feels good to know this is my piece and hopefully my mom will like the card..That will be the best reward of all...

I would also like to tell you about a wonderful yahoo group created to helping those wanting to learn different hand work such as Quilting, Crazy Quilting, Cross stitching and who knows what...This group is a diverse group of talents willing to be an angel to someone desiring to learn...If interested check out the group, I'm sure you'll find a warm loving group with helping hands and lots of expertise..
In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's!!
hugs, Skye

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Triple Iris Chain

On top of learning to do CQ, I'm also working on a new quilt for my new bedroom..The bedroom and hopefully quilt will be done by Memorial Weekend...It's called the Triple Irish Chain...

New Technique - Shisha

Well, this didn't come out as good as I had hoped but its my first attempt at doing the Shisha Technique.

My Block After Kathy Worked On It!

Kathy, from Australia, worked on my block first..I think she did wonderful on it..

My Part on Connie's Sumptuous Block

Here is a pic of what I accomplished on Connie's Block..Here theme was the Rocky Mountain!

The pine cones are done in a Bullion Stitch.

Lupine is "French Knots"

The fish is suppose to represent rainbow trout (I know one has to use imagination for this one) - Cretan Stitch..

Pine Trees - Cretain Stitch

Black-Eyed Susan - Combination of Dmc Floss and Crewel Threads with beads...I also added a yellow butterfly.

Seam Treatments were the "Fern and Fly"

I also added a Deer or Elk button..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Saying Goodby To Our Dear Baby

Our dear Tigger passed away Sunday morning..As he lay in my husband's arms, with us petting and talking to him, he purred away even with his last gasp..He will be missed but we will carry him and his memories in our hearts forever.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Covered Altoid Tin

I completed my first Altoid Tin and I'm ready to do more..It was alot of fun and great experience.. I took a picture of the inside but it came out blurred..I'll try again later..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Novice Sumptuous Start - RR - Naked Block

Well, here is the beginning, my naked block for my first ever RR - yeah!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Build a Seam Week 13

I'm learning how to "Crazy Quilt"...I love hand embroidery and the fun this is bringing to me is fantastic....On this particular group I am on, they have a new stitch every week for each member to create something different..Well, I'm a newbie so just learning the stitch plus adding a bit of me into it has been a great experience..
Week 13 is the Herringbone Mirrored..
I used #5 DMC for the herringbone stitch, then I looped it using regular 6 ply floss adding a pearl between each stitch..I know it's not much but it's a start!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introducing "Noel"

Noel is our new little kitty...She was born November 5th and came to our home Christmas Day..She's an interesting color for sure but I'm kind of a person who loves unique and interesting things..She's a piece of art ...Noel is into everything and I mean everything, yet she's as sweet as she could be. She's eating wonderfully and using her kitty box perfectly - no accidents since arriving home thank goodness. We, meaning Lee and myself, are already in love with this baby and she is fitting in as though she's been here forever.