Monday, January 12, 2009

Build a Seam Week 13

I'm learning how to "Crazy Quilt"...I love hand embroidery and the fun this is bringing to me is fantastic....On this particular group I am on, they have a new stitch every week for each member to create something different..Well, I'm a newbie so just learning the stitch plus adding a bit of me into it has been a great experience..
Week 13 is the Herringbone Mirrored..
I used #5 DMC for the herringbone stitch, then I looped it using regular 6 ply floss adding a pearl between each stitch..I know it's not much but it's a start!!


Chris said...

Looks beautiful to me.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Very beautiful my dear.

Karen K said...

For a newbie your embroidery looks fantastic to me, I am much lazier than that and make single stitch seams mostly.

Shirley said...

Skye - I didn't realize you were doing crazy patch. it looks good!

I hope to get back at mine one of these days. It is so much fun. There is a wonderful book by Judith Baker Montano called "Floral Stitches" and another called "A - Z embroidery stitches" Both will tell you how to do each stitch and are all you really need to learn crazy patch - Check out the files in the Learningfa group as well as the photos - our tutorial is there.

Have fun! Shirley

Anonymous said...

Hi Skye, Could you please tell me where to find the Build a Seam site? I think this might help me get going on my crazy quilting. ~Amy