Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Part on Connie's Sumptuous Block

Here is a pic of what I accomplished on Connie's Block..Here theme was the Rocky Mountain!

The pine cones are done in a Bullion Stitch.

Lupine is "French Knots"

The fish is suppose to represent rainbow trout (I know one has to use imagination for this one) - Cretan Stitch..

Pine Trees - Cretain Stitch

Black-Eyed Susan - Combination of Dmc Floss and Crewel Threads with beads...I also added a yellow butterfly.

Seam Treatments were the "Fern and Fly"

I also added a Deer or Elk button..

1 comment:

Ann Flowers said...

Skye you did a fantastic job!! You fit the theme well. And what a great start to this block!!