Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CJ - Honkin Orange

Happy Honkin Orange Hump Day!!

I haven't done much in awhile and I realize it was really getting to me...We are working in our basement, trying to get it to a livable condition so I've been unpacking boxes, plus I was waiting to complete some obligations before I started this block, but that hasn't happened as of yet..So, although, this block should have been started 2 months ago (where does the time go), I did it this morning...It's for CJ, also known as Crazy Judith, who has been recuperating from surgery..I've been hesitant as I don't feel real comfortable with my abilities but it's time to try. She adores orange, in fact, the words "honkin orange" come from her...I'm not much of a orange person but if it makes her smile, then it's worth it...It may take me a while and if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to post..Right now all I see is one big sherbet ice cream at me...So, lets begin our journey, day 1 of the "honkin orange sherbet ice cream"...(PS - I am going to add a smudge of purple somewhere on this block )


Cobi said...

I love the block Skye. I once made a honking orange block for an Asian themed rr. I went for everything India with lots of sequins, metal and rayon yarns and shisha. Purple will do great, peacock too. (teal, green, blue, purple) have fun with it. for me blue would be the most dreaded color.

Ann Flowers said...

Wow, that is ORANGE!! I am not a fan of orange but you made a gorgeous block, you even made orange pretty:) I look forward to seeing how you embellish it. I think cream or white would look nice on it!! I love the have to put purple on it:)

BTW, your blog looks great, I love the change. it is fantastic!!!!!