Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Afternoon

I haven't been online much in the last three days, in fact, just about nil..My husband and I are building a house (very slowly) and this weekend, he managed to get me a small studio set up in our "cool" basement..We are still putting sheetrock up but he had managed to finish up most of it including a small room..Ultimately, this room has been established for his music but I think guilt over took as this new home building (piece by piece) is taking so long that he gave me his room until he can actually get me my "perfect" studio..It's not alot of space but it's mine and its heavenly..Up until then, I've been doing it all from the dinning area of our kitchen...Fabric and embellishments tucked in every nook and granny..It's really nice, knowing I don't have to put things away just to eat..Hooray!!

On another blog (Allie's in Stitching) she mentioned a Pesto recipe..As it's harvest time for my Basil, I decided to give it a try it...If anyone has an abundance of "basil" please try this recipe. It is simply delicious..

Ok, so now I'm off to work on some projects...Before I close this little post, I just wanted to wish my grandson a very happy "14th" birthday..He had the nerve to ask me if I felt older..Told him "no" it wasn't me having a birthday as I don't have them any longer Really bummed him out..

Happy Birthday McKade!! Nannie loves you!!


Ruby said...

Congrats on your own space!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I am so happy you got your own space:):) have fun stitching!