Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 82 of a "HEALTHIER LIFE"

Sorry, I haven't been posting about my achievements but trust me, trying to get adjusted to exercising, eating healthier and living a cleaner lifestyle has really taken my time away from me. However, I'm pretty happy to say, I'm finally catching up to life and within a week, I should be right on target.

I am doing FANTASTIC on this adventure/journey...I'm learning to keep a journal of my foods, my exercising and my feelings...I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get to the finish line, but I know for a fact now that I am on my way to a better and happier life. Again, I won't be posting how much weight I've lost because whether one has 5 lbs to loose or more, it's still important to get to a healthier life.

Part of my new lifestyle is also living a "greener" cleaner one. I make my own face cleaner and using non-toxic cleaners in my house, mainly making up my own out of vinegar, baking soda and water. In time, there will be more...This summer we are even going to put up a clothes line and for as long as the weather permits, my dryer will sit still...

I'm working on some curtains, my quilt, a cq block (I am so desperately trying to finish), and a beautiful cross stitch angel. I'm preparing to create some art on fabric, knit up some kitchen dish cloths, make a knitted shawl for my Sister in Law for Christmas and getting materials ready to make my paper.

My herb garden is getting cleaned and is much bigger than last year...Yeah!! I am so looking forward to the first signs of greenery...I have been baking bread, making muffins and have plans for some canning this summer..

So now you know what this country bumpkin is doing, let me know how you all are doing...Would love to hear you are working on and what your plans all..

Until later!!