Friday, January 29, 2010

January 2010 Is Nearly Over???

It's been nearly a month (4 straight weeks to be exact) since I started my new lifestyle change. I don't want to use the word "diet" as I think it comes with negative connotations attached, but I do admit to needing to loose mega amount of weight.

The new change isn't negative; in fact it's so positive it's off the charts. Each day I jump out of my bed actually looking forward to that one more hour or more workout. It's hard to believe that when I started my journey, I was lucky to do 20 minutes of exercise. Now, I work out for an hour plus an additional time for either walking or jogging.

The food I'm eating isn't diet food either. I try and eat good healthy foods; fruits, plenty of vegetables, proteins, some type of milk product and of course, my eight glasses of water. My diet coke consumption is 1/3rd of what it used to be and I have started drinking hot green tea. Because of my age and worries of whether or not I'm getting the recommended amount of nutrients, I'm also intaking 1 daily vitamin plus additional vitamin C. I'm reading self-improvement books as I know I need to accept a different lifestyle with hoping it will add to my self-esteem and confident issues.

Changes like this require desire, dedication and the realization it is for the best. However, I've also discovered it has altered my time a bit and I need to make some modifications for the things that also important and try to balance all of this out a little better.

If any one is interested in joining me, that would be awesome. My first suggestion; remember to start with baby steps..Every step you take is one step closer to a healthier goal. It takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit but it only takes that same 3 weeks to make good ones as well.

I'll try to post to my blog weekly and update my goals. I'll be honest with my weight reduction, talk about the exercising and how I'm feeling through all of this.

The quilt I'm working on is called "Snowball with Nine Patch"...It's going to be for our bed and I think will be absolutely beautiful. The crazy quilt block is one that should have been finished but will be shortly, thank goodness. I'm cross stitching some hearts to give to my granddaughters for little Valentine Gifts, plus embroidering a pillow case. I'm reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's "Your Sacred Self", Kathy Reichs's "Fatal Voyage" and The Bible.

Until I return, have a great day!