Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Blocks To Share

I've been working on two different rr's...One is the Black and White in Crazy Quilt Interenational...It's a terrific rr!! Everyone kind and patient, which is a good thing since it's taken me too long to complete the block for Ann..However, it is done, although I could do much more but don't have the month to work on it as it needs to be sent...My abilities are sure lacking in comparison from what I've seen already so I sincerely appreciate being allowed to participate....

The second is called "Cobalt Blue Study"...I completed doing Dalette's block and have sent it on but here is a picture....It's been an interesting study in trying think outside the box using the same color, in this case, blue.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Love the blue squares.

Ann Flowers said...

I love my block and I think you did a fantastic job. And no worries we all seem to be a little behind in this round.

The blue one is awesome too. Your doing such a good job. I think you picked some perfect shades of blue to add tot he block. Very nicely done.

it really is a challenge to stick in one color theme. The black and Whites are a challenge even for me. using only black and white you mind really does have to think more then just stitches but also color placement.

I think your doing great!!

Ruby said...

I love the touches of red on the white and black block. Looking forward to finishing Dalette's blue one and getting mine! But remember there's no hurry on mine!! Please.