Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have what one could call a very busy Tuesday ahead of me...In my possession I have a total of 5 blocks that need work done to them to complete my part of a couple r/r's...Two Black and Whites (one for July and August), two Blue Block Study (July and August) and a "Honkin" Orange block for a friend who is recovering from surgery..I also want to start my Victorian Christmas stocking and work on a couple of Altoid Tins...It's a beautiful day but one can tell the heat is already on so I'll hide out in my little studio in the nice cool basement and have a grand ole time while others are enduring the heat...

I'm also going to attempt to do some "silkies" today..I have several kind people who have sent me some wonderful "silkies" and I thought I would like to add some to my Christmas Stocking, so I'm going to jump in with both feet today..I have some gorgeous silk that is quite old (about 40 years) that will be perfect..

Also, I discovered I won a "squishie" this week from Lyn...I've been trying to win one of her incredible "squishies" but as a very fortunate and lucky winner I've actually been blessed to win a beautiful CQ pouch and a pin cushion from her, plus a "silkie". This month I did win a "super squishie" from her and so I'm going to bow out from entering any more till the beginning of the year..One can't be greedy and I've been so lucky...Thank you Lyn!!!

Ok, I'm off..To all of you, have a Happy Tuesday!!!!!

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Gerry said...

Hello, Skye! Thank you for stopping by to visit, for your comment and for joining me in celebrating my BlogAversary.

How fun that you have so many Lefties in your life. Have a wonderful weekend.