Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Covered Altoid Tin

I completed my first Altoid Tin and I'm ready to do more..It was alot of fun and great experience.. I took a picture of the inside but it came out blurred..I'll try again later..


Lori said...

Your altoid tin came out fabulous! I tried one also, but didn't come out as good as yours!!
Great pics on your blog and website..I enjoyed looking.

Shirley said...

Hi Skye - your crazy patch is really looking great. Two good books are:
"A-Z of embroidery stitches" which gives you all your stitches, as well as Judith Baker Montano's 'Floral Stitches' both are excellent and all you need for crazy patch. If time ever permits I hope to get back to my crazy patch.

Sharon said...

Oh, Skye, this is SO pretty!! I love purple and this fits the bill. Are you taking orders??? LOL Sharon

Iris said...

Skye it is so pretty. I so enjoy looking at your blog and all the wonderful things you are doing.

Iris said...

Skye it is beautiful. I love looking at your blog and all the neat things you do.