Monday, November 26, 2007


Here are some pictures of my babies (atleast 3 out of 5) during the Thanksgiving weekend...

Now have you seen a skunk cuter than this??? This is my granddaughter, Addie, who was in a ballet production called "The Toy Shop" and the "skunks" saved the day!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

First Official Snow Day!!

Below is the beginning of my day..We've had a small amount of snow before this morning but nothing stayed or even became this white...It's absolutely lovely and I guess, or atleast I hope, to have a White Thanksgiving..I think there should be some song written about it don't you??

Happy day!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Snowing

Our first snow day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it, I love it, I love it...


A Design I Created

I created a small ornament....I haven't sewn it as of yet, but I finished the stitching and thought I would post it on my blog for my encouragement to push myself..The design has a few flaws in it, but in time, I think I will improve..It was fun although it took me way to long to stitch it...Normally, stitching is an easy process for me, but with flaws, I had to keep taking out and fixing..Oh well, we learn as we practice...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What Color Are You

What color is your soul painted?


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Personality Test Results

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Friday, November 9, 2007


Well it's Friday and a lovely Friday it is..Ok, so the skies are grey and the clouds are hovering about but it is Friday!!! For me any Friday is a lovely Friday..Tomorrow we are heading of to Bigfork to pick up supplies from Kalispell and then head on over to my MIL's to assist in some winterizing plus pick up Lee's snow tires. It will be a long day, but a good one...For me, anyday I get an opportunity to shop a bit is fun and the adding that I get to spend the whole day with my husband, well I couldn't ask for me...Ok, so maybe I could ask for gas prices to drop instead of climbing..Geez, I'm grateful we don't drive a SUV...

Ubove is two of my granddaughters taken Halloween night..My daughter and her family (her husband, 2 daughters and my grandson) came over for a visit and a short stay..The kids willingly gave up their Halloween to spend it with their Papa Lee and their Nannie so, they devised a plan to come to my door 20 times...It was a hoot, although, I finally ran out of candy I started filling their bag with coins, crackers, fruit, top ramien noodles and finally cat food..They were hysterical but I do think they had a great time...The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but I can atleast share..

Have a happy weekend!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Bit More of My Home

We completed our floor this weekend withe exception of 3 small squares which will be done next weekend..Also, wanted to show off my lighting and my teapot..Enjoy..I'm so excited to be able to share this..

An Autumn Day in Montana

I haven't been able to sit down and create art so on Saturday, I took my husband's camera and shot some pictures..Enjoy!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A New Finish

Yesterday I completed a little Halloween piece. I think it's adorabe and as soon as I get my sewing machine, I plan to either make it into a wall hanging or a little bag.

Another Day

Another day and a few more steps towards our completion of our home. Don't let this statement fool you, we have about 5 more years of steps before our home will be done but it sounded good to say it this way .

Last night, we managed to get up our ceiling fan, although still needing the globes, it's a nice addition to my kitchen/dining room area.

Below, you will see two new pictures. The first one is of my tile countertops that my husband put in and, I must admit, I love. The second picture is of my dishes which are perfect for what I envisioned. Please notice that under the dishes there is a lovely doily that my friend Nancy had made for me two years ago and I've been saving, although anxiously awaiting to pull out of my little "hope" box and use in my home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17, 2006

My blog sure looks unattended doesn't it? It's been quite interesting the last two months, challenging, busy and even some added excitment. First, I've moved into my new home. Sounds great doesn't it? For me, it is, however, I admit for anyone else you would think I'm crazy. You would see a house under construction with little space, alot of dirt with tools and materials everywhere. But, I have a full kitchen with cupboards, a stove, microwave, counter tops and space. I have a huge window out my sink with nothing but nature to view. I have a bathroom, a full bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink..Our bed is in a loft, very limited space but my husband managed to get our queen size bed plus TV for comfort. Next to my bed is a gorgous view.

This weekend, we'll putting our floor in the kitchen, dinning room and entry hall. After that, we move in the big computer a small love seat and with any luck a coffee table into the actual dinning room area. Againk I know it doesn't sound like much but I love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can move, breath and it's ours, all ours..Such a great feeling.

My granddaughter will be performing in a production called "The Toy Shop" in November. My son has been accepted into an accelerated Master's program for education and will graduate next August.

My dad is doing better with walking around after breaking his ankle and we received the great news that he is cancer free. However, my mom is facing pre-cancer surgery on her pancrease on the 26th of October. Lee's dad has been put into a mentally ill facility in WarmSprings and I'm afraid, he's no longer going to see his home unless my husband quits his job. That might be an option that we are considering but we'll have to wait and see as Lee still has an obligations to finish the construction of a beautiful credit union in Thompson Falls.

My writng, my art, my quilting, my cross stitching; even my reading has taken a back seat in my life. I miss it, I yearn for it and I'm trying to figure out what I can do by hand..I need it and quite frankly, it needs me.

Life certainly has challenges..I know they say what you survive, you become stronger, I must be very strong or atleast my husband is. I am doing better in alot of ways and I know how fortunate I am to have my husband, my family, my 5 perfect grandchildren and of course, my wonderful 3 children with their spouses and my friends, especially best friend.

Life isn't always what you want but you can make the choice to be happy. I know I'm happy even living under construction..I'm going to put up a couple of pictures of my kitchen from about a month ago, but I'll be taking pictures again very soon so be sure to stop by again and take a peek..

Well nix the pictures, blogger is having issues uploading pictures according to the message they just send me..So, I'll try again later..

Saturday, September 8, 2007

You Are 4: The Individualist

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Your Fixation: Envy

Your Primary Fear: To have no identity

Your Primary Desire: To find yourself

Other Number 4's: Alanis Morisette, Johnny Depp, J.D. Salinger, Jim Morrison, and Anne Rice.

Thursday, August 2, 2007



My FIL has Alzheimer. It’s a dreaded disease inflicting itself upon individuals at random with no reason as to whom it selects. My FIL has gone out of his way to take care of himself physically, in fact, at 82 he’s still in top physical condition. He’s an artist, he’s intelligent and he’s active, yet he’s been plagued with the dreaded demeaning disease of Alzheimer.

Symptoms start out as simple as forgetfulness; summing it up as getting older. Yet as time goes on other symptoms include confusion, trouble with organizing and expressing one’s thoughts, misplacing things, personality behavior changes and unfortunately getting lost in their familiar surroundings.

Having to watch my father in law on occasion, giving my mother in law some much-needed rest, I’ve already had to experience all of the traits above with the exception of getting lost. He rarely goes out at all anymore simply because leaving his home causes extreme confusion..

With being a part of this, I can also testify how much this affects everyone around him, especially his wife and his sons. I know that when I’m there, it consumes nearly all my time just watching over him, making sure he eats and doesn’t wander away. Even being in bed at night, turning it off for a peaceful sleep is impossible for fear he’ll get up and who knows.

I understand we are just a few short years away from a medication that will help Alzheimer patients. In the meantime, my hat is off to those who work hard, bringing money to the research. One of the ways that I have found is through Ami Simms. She’s created the “Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative”.

Right now, a quilt exhibit is going around from August of 2006 to July 2009 in which 52 quilts are being displayed interpreting Alzheimer’s in some way. If you get an opportunity to check it out, please do so. We need to support this research in full force..

Also, Ami Simms, founder of the “Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative” has published a book based on these 52 quilts. The book is $20 and $18.00 of those dollars will go directly to the Alzheimer’s research. Check out her site and please consider purchasing one of these books. You won’t regret it. Your money will go to a great cause that will change all our lives.

And, while you are there, check out her whole site. She brings great information to quilters plus she’s humorous to boot.. I, myself, get her monthly newsletter and I love it..

Thank you for letting me ramble on today but this has touched me deeply and with being at my Inlaws last weekend you can imagine how sad my heart is watching someone so full of life, not even know who I am half of the time.. When the newsletter came out last night, I decided to not only buy this book but to do all I can to encourage others as well. It’s important to all of us and to the quality of all our lives.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Almost a Kitchen

As some of you may know, we are building a house. It seems forever but it is coming and my husband is doing a wonderful job. My kitchen is somewhat small for the time being but eventually, we will be adding more. But here it is, as it is, for now..


Charms for a Swap

*Beads made with handmade paper

*Mother of Pearl



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Kind of Flower Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

You have a shy personality. You tend to hesitate before trying new things or meeting new people. But once people get to know you, you open up and show the world what you are really all about."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Creative World

I'm not sure which Blog to report to as I'm learning art in needlework. My goal at this time is to be able to do more of my deisgns for gifts, to learn more about beading, making purses and learning more stitches. I've been encouraged to check out a fantastic site which I can't seem to leave alone..Each day, I log on, I run right to this creative stitchers site and drool over the designs she's created..

I haven't finished alot this last couple of months..I have been working on Celtic Spring, more postcards and quilting..Right now, I can only say that I'm working on quilting block but it's so much fun.

Showing off my creations has now become a bit harder as my camera has finally bit the dust. Oh well, life goes on and we do what we can. I hope that by Saturday, I'll be able to share a Mother's Day Card that I made for my mother..It's a simple design but it's my design and I'm pretty proud of myself..

Until later.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here is My Completion Project for Jan 10, 2007

I felt I needed to do a postcard for David since I'm sending Heather one, so here it is. He loves bulldogs and I had to figure out just the right one.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

More of my creations

My daughter complained that I didn't send her a post card when I sent my grandchildren's so here is the one I'm sending her.

I have been creating everyday since this New Year began, whether it be my writing, journaling or some type of art work. I have working on a design and also have started a couple of bookmarkers. I hope to be able to share them soon with others.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My Creations for Jan 1 and Jan 2 - 2007

I started this late January 1 and completed them yesterday. Today, I started my Blog so I think that could be considered more art work Ok, I'm splitting hairs but atleast I was creating..

Skye's Creative World for 365 days

Realizing what one needs for happiness is the best part of all. I, myself, need to create. Here's my site for daily creations or thoughts!