Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yeah - Another Post for this New Year - I'm On A Roll!!

Well the title says it all, I'm on my second blog post for this year. Pretty good, compared to how my past year/s have been and I'm really ready to go forward..

To begin with, I'm back to quilting, hand appliqueing, cross stitching, embroidering and crazy quilting..I feel like a "newbie" once again, but I'm hopeful it's like riding on a bike. I have a list of UFO's that I haven't even been able to look at for such a long time but I must admit, I do feel the excitement of getting back to my passion.

I've also been re-adjusting to a new type of lifestyle. I reuse, redo and recycle almost everything..I've been cooking by scratch and I do mean scratch - loving every bit of it..I'm still exercising about 4 times a week and organizing my home.

My goal and focus is to once again re-connect with friends who share mutual ideas, hobbies and just plain life.

I still read my mysteries and love every one of them, what can I say I'm a "mystery" junkie but I'm also exploring my spiritual side...

Well, guess that's about all I can think of tonight and I will try and post more frequently which will include photos of my projects of all types. I am looking forward to this journey once again and looking forward to reading all your blogs which I find so inspiring.

Good Night Everyone!!


Iris said...

Skye, I do hope you continue to let us know about you and your hobbies. Can't wait to see some pictures of your finishes. I so enjoy reading your blog.

blueladie said...

May God bless you on your journey. And again, I am so sorry for your family's loss. love & hugs, Cathryn