Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Recent Creativities

These are pillow cases I started years ago, put them away and just recently found them and decided to sit till they were done...Took me about 3 straight days but I love them and so does Lee.

This is a lovely embroidery pattern that I got off of Mary Corbet's site..The actual pillow isn't done yet but I taped it so that my husband could see what it looked like..I love it!

This is my first dog collar I made for my sweet baby named Lindy

My 3rd ornament for Christmas

This is called Whispered Winds and it's a lovely Medallion piece (atleast I think they are called medallions)

These are some beautiful candles that I made with some scrap lace, ribbon, candles, sea salt in canning jars..Kind of a "shabby chic" type of girl that I am..

A small Christmas ornament tittled "Faith, Hope and Peace.

My first Christmas ornament of the year..Isn't he cute?

Here's a couple of things I've just completed...


Iris said...

WOW Skye you have been busy. Everything is just beautiful.

shirley said...

Your stitching is just beautiful. I envy your satin stitch. I love the doggy there some sort of pattern...I have two furry grandchildren who would love them....or at least their parents would.