Friday, December 5, 2008

4th Ornament for the Christmas Ornament Exchange

Here is the 4th ornament of my Christmas Ornament Swap..As you can see they are all similar and yet a bit different. I think they came out pretty nice, hopefully the receiver's will. I've learned a couple new stitches and found out I need better needles for sewing on beads ..I have holes in my fingers (ok, so my grandmother told me to start wearing a thimble some 40 years ago) but I completed my project and feel pretty good. Thank you for all you has made comments on the other three..


cq4fun said...

Yes, and I didn't listen to my grandmother, either! =) Very pretty and I really like your use of beads on all of them.

Wendy Coyne said...

I can't wear a thimble so I use thimble pads, these are small leather circles which sit on your finger and protect from the needle. Makes a huge difference when using a tiny beading needle.
Your ornaments are lovely btw :)