Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Creative World

I'm not sure which Blog to report to as I'm learning art in needlework. My goal at this time is to be able to do more of my deisgns for gifts, to learn more about beading, making purses and learning more stitches. I've been encouraged to check out a fantastic site which I can't seem to leave alone..Each day, I log on, I run right to this creative stitchers site and drool over the designs she's created..

I haven't finished alot this last couple of months..I have been working on Celtic Spring, more postcards and quilting..Right now, I can only say that I'm working on quilting block but it's so much fun.

Showing off my creations has now become a bit harder as my camera has finally bit the dust. Oh well, life goes on and we do what we can. I hope that by Saturday, I'll be able to share a Mother's Day Card that I made for my mother..It's a simple design but it's my design and I'm pretty proud of myself..

Until later.

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Gerry said...

Hey this was quite nice to read....thanks for sharing this with us...and well will surely be waiting to catch a glimpse of your creations...and well as Mothers Day is approaching soon i'd also like you to visit my blog on Mother's Day Wishes sometime and enjoy all tat it's filled up with!!!