Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013 - It's a Wednesday!!!

As promised, I am here posting some of my stuff this week.  I do have a couple of projects I have been working on.  First, a T-Shirt small rug I've started.  I just figured I needed to stay to my being frugal and utilizing or recycling and here I have these t shirts that needed to just find the trash but I couldn't do it.  So on to the internet and found the way to cut them, and here I am..

Pretty cool I think and I am especially proud that these shirts didn't find the trash can.

Second thing, I have done was work on a sewing machine I picked up at the little thrift store that was purple, yep, it's purple.  I paid little for it, came home, cleaned it and changed the needles the threads and started sewing in a jean quilt!!  No pics as of yet but soon, I promise.  Yeah

Third, I have been hand quilting a table topper for Thanksgiving.  I have never done this before and the beginning of it does not look good at all and I thought about taking it all out but then I realized it would be good to show how I started and how it ended so that others won't be afraid to give hand quilting a try.   We all should push ourselves and it's ok to make mistakes.  We need to remember to just keep pushing forward, it will be get better.

Last nights meal was a delicious fried rice and then this morning made some healthy pumpkin muffins.

Hoping all is having a wonderful hump day!

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blueladie said...

Skye, LOVE your rug! BRAVO! Can't wait to see your quilts. What gifts you have. :D Cathryn