Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Hump Day!!

As promised here is my weekly post...I don't still have much to show in the way of art, but soon, I promise...Once again, we did some more additions to our house which included various messes about..This is a great thing I assure you!!

So with the end of January came a new lifestyle change and yes, weight loss. Originally, I was going to post the amount of weight I lost but have decided against it..Why you say? Because my new lifestyle change isn't just about weight, although a good percentage of it. It truly is about living a better, happier and healthier life.

In regards to my weight change (see, I'm going to say "diet" anymore if I can help it). I make better wiser choices..Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables (essential), lean meats, dairy and grains..I am learning to balance these all out so that I am not overeating in any one category. And yes, the weight loss is really working..

My physical activities have improved...I do 30 minutes of Yoga a day..Yoga is a great way to help your body either get to or stay balanced with better posture. I do strength training about 4 days a week to encourage more toned muscle and less fat approximately 20 minutes each session..I also include aerobics and balance exercises to burn calories, increase muscle mass (over fat) and again, working to coordinate my body even better. I work out approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours a day with the exception of Sunday's when I only do about 20 minutes of Yoga.

I'm reading my self-improvement mind books, my mysteries, of course, and doing some writing again.

Included with all of these changes, I'm getting about 7 hours of sleep a night. I've spent years only sleeping anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a night and now I'm having to retrain my body, encouraging sleep. I must admit, I'm quit liking it.

So, as you can tell I'm feeling much better. For those of you are on some type of self improvement journey, just remember, you are not alone. You have friends who care and together we can do this.

Until later, Blessings to you all!!!!


Amy said...

Good job Skye! Keep it up! said...

Enjoyed your post, Skye. I am trying to honor my body and myself, rather than "diet." So your thoughts really struck a chord with me.

PamelaSueJames said...

I think it's great to make healthy changes. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see stitchy picture updates.
Pamela in Kansas