Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Bing Cherry Freezer Jam

Well, I know this isn't probably in the ways of being creative but I think it is.....Prior to going to my daughter's home, I asked my husband to bring me some Flathead County Bing Cherries so that I could make some freezer jam...I haven't heard of anyone really making jam out of cherries but ohhhhh, the Flathead County Cherries are to die for..So, he brought me a flat and while I was at my daughter's we made this incredible jam..I left her with half and I think she told me she's having to use it everyday as the kids are really loving it...My daughter feels it's a bit sour but my tastebuds say sweet with a bit of tartness..Anyway, here is a picture...

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Gail said...

Oh but making jam is being creative, you be cha. So is bread making, or any cooking, being creative is not just reserved for art type stuff. BTW, it looks really good and again welcome to CQI.