Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 really??  I can not believe that it's not the beginning of 2014, where did that year go?

2014 was a big year for my husband and me. He got a job opportunity that ended up with us living apart for nearly the whole year and then relocating us to North Dakota!  You may want to know how I feel about all of this but honestly, I don't have anything negative to say.

Moving to North Dakota is an adventure to say the least.  Different environment, extreme weather conditions, little shopping but wonderful people from many places of the world, a cute little fixer upper to help consume my time and wonderful eating establishments.  This Is not permanent, we will head back to our little place in Montana one day in the house that we are building but for now, we are calling this home and grateful for the opportunity to experience this adventure.

I am still quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting and if it's in purple, then I am extremely pleased...I haven't had the opportunity to crazy quilt in a while but that will be happening soon.  It's still a love of mine.  

Just a quick stop to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  Looking forward to updating with all of my family and friends!

Best wishes

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Dog Goodies

So, I decided that my dogs need some goodies that I made...I had purchased some for them but unfortunately it wasn't agreeing with their system (and I will leave it at that).  So I went online, found the perfect fall dog biscuit recipe which was made out of wheat flour, pumpkin and peanut butter.  Not only did they love these goodies so much so that my 10 month old German Sheppard will now go to my refrigerator when he wants one, but I know the ingredients are wholesome...It was easy, quick and nutritious!

And by the way, they smell good enough to eat and the house smelled wonderful after baking them..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Someone Else's Treasure Becomes My Treasure!

Today we headed to town for a few supplies and groceries.  We stopped at the thrift store to see what they had and I saw these two little table toppers and thought how perfect for the season.  I came home washed, dried and press them and now I am ready to share.

Perfect aren't they?  The first one had a little stain but it came right out!  Looking forward to using these for the season on a table decoration!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013 - It's a Wednesday!!!

As promised, I am here posting some of my stuff this week.  I do have a couple of projects I have been working on.  First, a T-Shirt small rug I've started.  I just figured I needed to stay to my being frugal and utilizing or recycling and here I have these t shirts that needed to just find the trash but I couldn't do it.  So on to the internet and found the way to cut them, and here I am..

Pretty cool I think and I am especially proud that these shirts didn't find the trash can.

Second thing, I have done was work on a sewing machine I picked up at the little thrift store that was purple, yep, it's purple.  I paid little for it, came home, cleaned it and changed the needles the threads and started sewing in a jean quilt!!  No pics as of yet but soon, I promise.  Yeah

Third, I have been hand quilting a table topper for Thanksgiving.  I have never done this before and the beginning of it does not look good at all and I thought about taking it all out but then I realized it would be good to show how I started and how it ended so that others won't be afraid to give hand quilting a try.   We all should push ourselves and it's ok to make mistakes.  We need to remember to just keep pushing forward, it will be get better.

Last nights meal was a delicious fried rice and then this morning made some healthy pumpkin muffins.

Hoping all is having a wonderful hump day!

Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013 - An Extremely Long Time Since I Last Posted

I can not believe how long it's been since I have posted.  No words as to why I just stopped blogging other than time and grandchildren became a factor.  Don't get me wrong, I have a great life and I wouldn't change a thing but it is why I have not been here.

Ok, so I won't rehash much of this last year as that would be a waste of time for all of us...what I will say is from this day forward, I will try and blog more frequently but with more versatility.

I am a crazy quilter, a quilter, cross stitcher, an embroiderer and knitter.  I love to bake, cook and constantly am trying to find the perfect recipe.

I read cozy mysteries, serious mysteries, some romance and a lot of self help books..I also dabble in writing.

I cook from scratch, make a lot of mistakes along the way for sure, make dog goodies, collars and use herbs in everyday life.  

Ok so I guess that is enough for our first day back together....Be prepared, there are things I may blog about and you may not like to read but these views are strictly my own.  I will never push them on you, nor will I stand up and tell you that you're views are wrong. I have a high belief that all men are created equal and will fight for your right to believe in what you feel is right..

See you all soon.  So glad to be back among the blogging world again!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's a Tuesday, of course, it could be a Monday but in any case, cold, sunny and quite beautiful outside today...I've been working on an applique piece the last couple of days, and so far it's not going as good as I would like but I am going to plug on and make it work...I like handwork so I know this will be a good thing for me to do..

I haven't done much cross stitching the last few days but I will be picking up needle and thread once my DH has left for a couple of days..It's such a comfort for me to just stitch and not think about him being gone...

Day before yesterday I did manage to get a scrappy quilt block accomplished and I will be posting a pic of that in this post..

Today is "hamburger bun" day..Yep, time to make new rolls as my husband is going to make is ultimate burger for dinner tonight (my absolute favorite)..Then I send him with the rolls for his lunches..They are so tasty, we love them..On Monday, I made 2 loaves of wheat bread and it came out delicious..

Living here on the farm and trying to do everything by scratch is challenging yet it's an amazing feeling when you actually accomplish the task...I don't even mind not being able to eat at a fast food place anymore and yet, when it's time to go to the big city (Kalispell or Missoula) it's so exciting atleast for me..

My computer has been on the fritz but it looks as though we are back up and running beautifully - yeah!!!

Enjoy the day and make every moment count!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Gardeners and People Concerned About Our Environment

Anyone purchasing seeds this year and are concerned from whom they are buying their seeds from, might want to read this article first.

I do not talk politics, religion (although I am truly one of God's followers) or anything else that can cause a stir simply because I do believe one has the right to choose which path they take without worrying about judgement from me. I follow my own path, I have my own beliefs and welcome others to do the same as long as it does not hurt anyone..However, I do feel this is an important read and am doing my part in helping put it out for other's knowledge. I truly believe knowledge is the most important treasure one could find..From here, it's your choice, your path and your movement..

Be safe, be happy and above all, be loved!!